«A unique child was saved»: she found her in an empty house on a dirty floor and saved this baby

Once an event happened that completely changed this girl’s life.

Sarah Konk, 28 years old, finished the course of medical rest.

At some point, she was in Haiti and was able to help such children, both mentally and physically.

Once to the medical center where she worked, they brought a little girl, at that time she was 3 months old.

She was in a very serious condition.

The child suffered from a severe form of hydrocephalus and needed an urgent operation.

The girl’s name was Nick, and a woman called her aunt brought her to the hospital.

The baby was operated on, everything went well.

Doctors were satisfied with Nicky’s condition, she is recovering and preparing for an extract.

The educators at the medical center still managed to find her phone number, they called and asked to pick up the child, but she did not accept anything.

Nevertheless, Sarah was able to talk to the unfortunate mother, convinced her to return her daughter, promising to help her financially.

In addition, nicknames will always be free.

After some time, Sarah decided to ask the baby’s condition, she called her mother, but she did not answer the calls.

She was panicked, she was very worried about this child and decided to go straight to them.

What she saw there, Sarah remembered for the rest of her life.

Entering the house, she found a girl lying on the floor among garbage and other trash.

Now she is already two years old, and she is very happy, she has everything she needs-she is a mother with a great loving heart, her warmth, her care.

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