This puppy loves the beach like everyone, and she cannot stop jumping for joy

She’s always been that feisty dog, unable to disguise her delight in new activities.

I remember how I first went to the beach in childhood. I actually began to jump with pleasure when I found this new magnificent area.

It turns out that an enthusiastic dog has the same reaction more than once, and every time it visits a sandy area!

There was always something unique in Tofu. What you will not find in any other dog.

She has always been a daring dog, unable to hide the joy of new classes.

However, her reaction every time she visits her favorite place-the beach is a pure joy.

In addition, how Tofu expresses himself makes everyone smile.

After all, how can I not giggle when you see a happy puppy?

Her mother, Ashley MacPherson, was first upset by the reaction of her fluffy companion that she first saw water.

Finally, nothing makes you more proud than observing your dog.

The fluffy sister of Tofu or even other dogs on the beach simply cannot keep up with her, no matter how hard they try.

Passion Tofu to the beach has no equal.

«My second dog tried to join us, but her abilities for jumping were not so amazing», the contented mother explained.

«Other dogs that we walked were confused by this wild, jumping, noisy red puppy, like a fox».

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