The German dog, who loved to sleep on a trampoline, lives a better life as good as possible

The peaceful rest of the German dog should be protected and appreciated.

Moose! Moose! No, the Canadian woman yelling phrases does not report the presence of a moose in her yard.

She calls her dog, who decided that trampoline was an ideal place to take a nap.

His mother, who lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, shot her dog lying on a trampoline on the video.

His front leg is casually thrown over his eyes to hide from the sun.

She signed shots with a dormant dog.

Moose seemed to have a good time. It is a pity that his mother had to break his dream.

According to the audience, the peace of the German dog should be protected and appreciated.

Moreover, another observer suggested that the mother of the moose used her observation abilities.

«Moose clearly dozed and was in the zone». There was no reason to disturb his dream.

It does not matter. We are completely sure that Moose has enough free time to relax.

Thus, he seems to be a happy dog, since he is comfortable and calm.

As a result, what do dogs dream of when they sleep?

Scientists agree with us!

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