The cat looks after six kittens at the parking lot until help arrives so that no one is left without attention

She spent all the time in the garbage bucket, feeding her kittens.

The cat remained with its six kittens in the yard until help arrived, making sure that no one was left without attention.

Best Friends Felines (BFF, an animal charitable organization in Brisbane, Australia) was called earlier this month about the mother-cats and its six kittens found in industrial garbage in a car parking lot.

They immediately brought the whole family out of seven people to the veterinarian to evaluate.

Aurora, mom-cat, was hungry and had no food source when she tried to feed six hungry mouths.

She spent all the time in the garbage bucket, feeding her children and supporting their life.

When they gave her a full plate of food, the cat-cat was delighted and ate it, as if it would not come tomorrow.

The Aurora’s legs again got stronger after delicious food and a warm, comfortable nest in which one could relax.

Gradually, she restored enough strength to stand on all fours and resume walking.

When the receiving guardian enters the room to help her, she is very glad to get a little attention and pets.

Aurora is very glad that she has a roof over her head and a lot of food.

She is a great mother for her litter of six, always making sure that their tummy is filled, and their wool was clean.

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