«Big love in small hearts»: the story of a unique, but very strong married couple

Such people teach optimism and the ability to value every separate time.

Usually people from scratch can turn a small problem into such a big one.

In response to this, they begin to suffer and worry, torture themselves, and then over time they begin to understand that there was no problem.

But next to us people live whose problems began from birth.

And this in no way prevented them from realizing themselves, leading an active lifestyle and will fully enjoy it.

Such people teach us optimism and the ability to value each separate time.

These Brazilians are Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros as well as Katusia li Hoshino – are the smallest married couple in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Paulu is 31 years old, and his height is only 90 cm, his wife, 28-year-old Katusya, above her husband by 1 cm.

Young people met through social networks.

For some time they corresponded until the first meeting, and after a few years they got married.

Life is undoubtedly complicated for a small married couple in a world designed for people of medium height.

But they do not despair and try to live a full life.

Paulo works as a secretary in a law firm, and Katusya owns his own beauty salon!

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