«Shakira seems to have a new boyfriend»: the star met mysterious love in Miami
Now she has another reason to settle in Miami as soon as possible. The scandal associated with the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, apparently, will subside in
«New details of the scandalous novel»: Emily Ratajkowski seems to betray her friend
Journalists have already managed to ask what the ex-lover of the artist thinks. The multimillion-dollar group of Harry Styles fans continues to actively discuss the hot shots that
«Mother-in-law knew about the secrets of her son»: Shakira quarreled with Gerard Piqué’s mother
Apparently, her attitude towards the singer has always been disgusting. It seems that the public clarification of the relationship between the Colombian singer and the Spanish football player
«From fat girl to a supermodel»: once people laughed at her but now she looks gorgeous
She now appreciates the beauty in her own reflection. At 16, the woman decided to sit on a diet. Instead of a sandwich with tuna and noodles, Nilan
«Neckline to the navel and massive jewelry»: Oscar-winning star Moore made a splash with her attractive look on the Red Carpet
61-year-old Moore chose a seductive image and captured everyone’s attention Well-known and charming film star J. Moore, 61, has recently chosen quite a seductive image drawing everyone’s attention
«Mogul at 92 has fallen in love»: The famous media tycoon announced his engagement and surprised everyone
92-year-old tycoon Murdoch announced his engagement to a musician’s widow Here is the popular media tycoon (estimated at $17 billion) who has lately left the entire world speechless
This is how the caring girl put on a jacket on the dog so that he did not freeze on the street
These creatures don’t choose between rich and poor people. A dog is a man’s friend, they are devoted and always ready to help, no matter what happens. These
In Norway, a rare snow-white deer was seen, which seemed to appear from a fairy tale
We have the opportunity to see this miracle with our own eyes. More recently, within the Norwegian Oslo, photographer Mads Nordsween during one of his hiking campaigns in
«Health is the most important thing»: Richard Gere’s wife about the importance of health during a trip
The actor’s cough led to a diagnosis of pneumonia and hospitalization. The recent trip of Richard Gere to Mexico, which was intended to celebrate the birthday of his
«So much money at 11 years»: a rich schoolgirl spent 22,000 pounds on her own birthday
The party was filled with all the bells and whistles that one could imagine. Pixie Curtis Jacenko, an 11-year-old student, attracted general attention after she decided to close