“Displeased face, dirty clothes” take a look at Jolie and Pitt’s daughter appearance
It’s always a pity to see world known parents children in a bad mood or in strange appearance. But the long time go divorce proceedings has changed everyone’s
It’s happened. The most beautiful baby-girl grew up. This is how she looks like today
Tilan Blondo’s childhood is used to be the most talked about. Little french baby become a super model at the age of 4. Her blue eyes were like
“Odessa barbie disappeared”, so how now lives 37 model in Mexico
At first it was just an interest. Then it became an obsession. Valeria Lukianova from Odessa started change her life at the age of 18. She passed over
“Wrinkled grandfather with granddaughter” this is how Richard Gere looks like next to his wife
73 years old Hollywood actor Richard once proved that there is no any kind of problem for real love. Super star from 90’s met his real love of
«A unique child was saved»: she found her in an empty house on a dirty floor and saved this baby
Once an event happened that completely changed this girl’s life. Sarah Konk, 28 years old, finished the course of medical rest. At some point, she was in Haiti
«Survived and the strongest boy»: this is how this boy survived and became the strongest in the world
Richard began actively playing sports in childhood. Richard Sandrak, who fled from his homeland in the United States about 15 years ago, was named the most powerful young
«Happiness after 75 years of waiting»: 101-year-old great-grandmother has the first granddaughter
The baby became the first grandson in the family after 75 years of expectation. The 101-year-old grandmother was beside herself with joy and was delighted with a meeting
«Super idea of a Chinese»: a poor man from China built a portable bamboo house, that’s how it looks like
A dwelling resembling a snail shell looks doubtful. Not the entire population of China, although it is one of the leading economies of the world, makes ends meet.
«Really the same girl»: it is impossible to find out the winner of the beauty contest without makeup
Such contests often turn children into adult mini-copies. Beauty contests are very popular all over the world. Children’s beauty contests are especially popular. Many mothers see in them
«Sixty pairs of old-fashioned shoes on the shore»: in Budapest, these shoes always stand on the shore
It is easy to imagine people who could leave their shoes on the shore. On the edge of the Pest embankment in Budapest, next to the residence of