The lonely dog continues to make his way to steal a unicorn, but the officer finally buys it for him
The officer bought the $10 stuffed unicorn and made the dog happier. Usually, dogs have their favorite toys. They play with toys that love most, and never refuse
Puppy born with sparse upturned paws but finally able to walk after life-changing surgery
Because her paws were upside down, this dog could not walk normally. Sometimes dogs are born with flaws.  Not only are they different, but they also have physical
A kind merchant gave food to hungry lonely dogs, demonstrating the power of generosity
Instead of ignoring them, the man stopped and fed the starving dogs. Street dogs are everywhere.  Unfortunately, not everyone can be taken to shelters.  These amazing companions often
The dog, with her bark, led her owner to the baby dolphin, which could not return to the sea
These beautiful dogs are sensitive, intelligent, and quick-witted. Dogs are the animals that save the most lives.  They are sensitive, intelligent, and quick-witted. Our pets are real heroes
After years of absence, Tasmanian devils are reappearing in the wild on mainland Australia
These endangered species now live on the island of Tasmania. Tasmanian devils once lived on the Australian continent.  It was in very ancient times, 3000 years ago. Unfortunately,
The zoo is pleased to welcome the newborn two Tamarin twins, which are endangered
These wonderful animals have very soft coats like golden in color. There are so many species in the world of animals that are under threat of disappearance. We,
The mother of this brown panda neglected him, and now he lives happily in his Valley of Panda
Pandas are special creatures, but in the world of pandas, there is a unique one. I have never heard of a man who hates pandas. These wonderful, sweet
A cute, lonely lion cub has been rescued and now has a special bond with her rescuers
If a person shelters a lion from childhood, the animal will never harm him/her. It is dangerous to communicate with wild animals.  However, lions are affectionate towards those
Cute elephants including big and small members are enjoying sliding down a muddy hill
This time, not children, but also adult elephants enjoyed the «dirty» trip. Baby elephants are best known for their love of playing in the mud.  They can be
A cute polar bear cub is enjoying his first trip on his mother’s back
Babies love to play tricks with their patient moms. Children are happiest when they are with their mothers.  There is a reason for this: a mother’s love is