Family adopted 15 beautiful dogs, and then curing them became a real salvation for them
They managed to cure pets and give them true love and care. The loss of a beloved animal is considered one of the largest losses in the world.
Very funny scene in Thailand when there was the most reliable watchman for watermelons is found
This white beautiful cat is a reliable watchman of watermelons. It turns out that some animals can work for their own people for free. All they need is
Unique cat has additional ears as a result of a genetic mutation, and so he became famous
The kitten was born 13 years ago, which was very unusual. This is how iodine looks today-cat with four ears. «He is simply obsessed with bread». In 2008,
Cute cat without ears acquired a new, eternal house and had wonderful friends for life
Since a cat was sheltered without ears on April 25, it became his birthday day. All animals need love, affection, and care. At the same time, pets with
Cat whose size was no more than a spoon for a very long time fought for his entire life
This kitten was born on the street, which obviously gave him poor health. Baby Francis, a cute little kitten, was a small size of no more than a
Kitten was saved, and became part of the family, and how the other cat accepted a new family membe
The only thing she feared was how her cat would accept the new pet. In the fall, Rose picked up a homeless kitten on the street. The baby’s
The most caring dog became a wonderful dad for cute ducklings and gave them his warmth and love
Labrador proved that love and compassion are inherent in all living things. Love has no boundaries. Love does not know the language. Love is ready to take care
Brave 12-year-old boy became the real hero and saved the puppy, which fell into a flooded gutter
He did everything to save a little life, and he succeeded. Tatyana Bormotova, who lives in the city of Revda, Russia, told an amazing story, the participant of
Incredibly beautiful snow fox was very happy when he saw snow for the first time in his life
The fox grew up and noticed authentic snow for the first time in his life. This overexcited creature will cheer you up with its sweetest smile and white
Beautiful lynx and a cute cat are very close to each other and became incredible friends for 12 years
Visitors looked into the cage with a lynx and saw an ordinary cat next to it. The Leningrad Zoo was the most grandiose in the USSR, but now