World’s oldest gorilla celebrates 60th birthday with delicious frozen fruit cake
Such inhabitants of the zoo prefer peace and quiet. Western lowland gorillas are endangered.  Many zoos have taken care of these animals, including the Atlanta Zoo.  Several representatives
Very nice to see a bear cub who came to visit people and played with a sociable German shepherd
The woman checked the surveillance camera and discovered an amazing development of events. Jenn Sargent, a Vermont resident, learned from her neighbors that a bear used to visit
Friendly leopard saw a golden retriever, and then they became inseparable friends
Golden Retriever immediately took the orphaned cat under his care. A cat chasing a dog is not something you see every day.  Usually, on the contrary, the dog
Unique red wolves are endangered, but they gave birth to twelve babies at the North Carolina Zoo
What happened at the zoo made me believe that this species has hope. The wolffish has been on the endangered species list since 1996. The number of species
A cute, lonely pig comforted an abandoned kitten when she had a cramp
Animal babies recognize no boundaries of friendship. The friendship between a cat and a pig is unlikely.  But when a kitten and a pig meet, it becomes real.
An unlikely moment when the huge lion king first sat down to meet his baby
It’s rare to see a lion that can’t wait to see its baby. Male lions never get better with their newborn offspring.  Responsibilities for raising children lie with
Two cute rare alligators-albinos were born in an American park and they are in good hands
For these alligators, albinism is especially dangerous. Albinism among the representatives of the fauna is not very rare, but such animals are very difficult to survive in the
The wonderful experiment showed that dogs understand when we are lying to them and when we are telling the truth
260 dogs of various breeds were involved in the assignments. Dogs know how to recognize a lie: it turned out during the experiment set by scientists from Vienna.
Unique butterflies of the monarchs always eat their kids and that is why they behave strangely
According to the researchers, they increase the supply of pheromones for mating. Scientists from the University of Sydney made an amazing discovery: Danaida-monarch’s butterflies feed on living caterpillars
It’s funny that cute females became more talkative after isolation for research
Biologists have studied the effects of isolation on animal behavior. This is not the first similar study: such topics were raised by the scientific community before, and after